Press Release

Press Release 11/1/2024

By Emma Grace Bell

We’re here in the family beach house in Hilton Head hanging out for a few weeks. It’s a great place right on the beach. This place will sleep 20 and has a huge kitchen, eight bathrooms, a great wrap-around porch and a pool. I don’t know why we don’t stay here for good!

It’s really my grandpap’s place but he loves it when the place is full. They’re all here, Aunt Heejeo, Maria, Katie, Uncle Dave, the boys and Samantha, Aunt Rose’s family, Uncle Fred, Aunt Laura and her family and our family of course. Everyone enjoys hanging out and doing stuff together. Grandpap just came back from his run on the beach. It’s his morning routine.

Sometimes I catch him watching everyone with such a smile on his face, like it makes him so happy he doesn’t know what to say. It’s like he loves the chaos. Maybe this is a good time to ask him some questions about how this all came to be. I’m 18 and the oldest grandchild and he’s always teaching me to take care of the little ones so maybe he’ll be willing to share…Who am I kidding? He loves to talk!

His name is Dennis Bell

EMG: Hey grandpap, do you have a few minutes for your favorite oldest granddaughter (his term for me)? I have some questions.

DCB: Absolutely Dear! How can I help…Do you have questions about boys?

EGB: Noooooo! I’m fine but I have some questions about the beach house and how we got here. It’s amazing how quickly things seemed to change and how fantastic our lives have been. How the heck did we get this place?

DCB: Well, It’s really a long story that starts when your dad and aunt Laura were kids. It was just the three of us for a long time and that was hard. After they grew up and were doing well on their own I realized I wasn’t done being their father and that rekindled my desire to do my absolute best for my family. Maria and Katie came along and then you and later the rest of the clan. So…when you’re a dad and you get a little older, you start to think of how to best provide for your family, even when you’re gone.

EGB: OK grandpap, but what does that have to do with my question? And you’re healthy as a horse. How did things change so quickly and how did we get this amazing place?

DCB: Patience dear…we’re getting there but I had to set the scene first. OK, back to my story… It’s about legacy. That’s what we old folks call it. It means my vision was to create businesses and partnerships that would greatly benefit our family and continue long after I’m gone. That’s why I’m partners with your dad, aunt Laura and uncle David in their businesses. It’s why my own internet marketing business has done so well and why we invest in real estate.

EGB: Legacy you say…that tells me why but I’m not sure I understand how things changed so quickly. Didn’t you work at a job for over 30 years? Since when did everything you touch turn to gold?

DCB: I was lucky to realize there were some things I didn’t know and other things I knew but couldn’t implement properly. That led me ultimately to Mark Januszewski and the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance. I joined their class and found a second family. I also learned some things I never knew and re-learned  some things I had forgotten. Ultimately I realized I needed a vision,  some focus and lots of hard work. One of the most important lessons was in how they welcomed me and continued to do so over time. I consider Mark and his wife Davene real friends.

That’s where things started to really change. The vision came and I retired from my job. As I developed my business all my assets became paid in full. Next I helped your dad and aunt Laura with their businesses and it has really snowballed from there. One of the most amazing things is how we all just love working together. In the mean time my business continued to grow rapidly. I don’t think I could stop the momentum now even if I wanted to – and I don’t. Let’s not forget how thankful we are and how we “give back” at every opportunity. It’s a serious responsibility.

EGB: So what’s your real secret grandpap? What’s the magic formula?

DCB: Now that’s a great question Emma. Seems like I’m an overnight success at age 65. I think the secret is there’s no secret. I started with a purpose, tried to learn from smart people and sprinkled in hard work and a refusal to give up. When I was tired or disappointed I just reminded myself how much I love you all…

EGB: OK grandpap. I love you too. Don’t make me cry now. Sniff…

DCB: Emma, did I ever tell you my story about The Fuzzy Bunny Company?

EGB: Oh, did I hear the doorbell? Gotta go grandpap. That’s our ride. We’re all going to get our nails done. Love you. See ya later!

DCB: Love you too dear…OK, I guess it’s time for me to go sweep the porch.




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8 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. Deanna Becket

    Dennis, your story is great, told from granddaughter’s point of view. I haven’t even thought that far out….just getting teens through homeschool is as far as I go =). Good for you!

    1. masterkeydbell

      Thanks for your support Deanna! I really had to think about who the interviewer should be. It was kind of like that old question; If you could have lunch with anyone throughout history, who would you choose? It finally dawned on me, since my PPNs are Legacy and True Health, who else would embody their fruition than my granddaughter?

  2. David Lewis

    I love it Dennis! I am not totally sure why but I was getting teary eyed reading it. I guess I relate so much to the passion that you have for family and being with them. Bless you and your family!

    O, BTW be sure and let your granddaughter know that your friend from Florida is stopping by for coffee and some convo…
    David Lewis recently posted…Week TWENTY “Guns or Fire”My Profile


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