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Week 24 – Joy, Gratitude and Other Thoughts

Mahalo from the man in the mirror

Every day is time to look that guy in the face and be honest with him. Mostly we’re buds but there are days he tells me to get my butt in gear – lovingly of course. He and I are in a long-term relationship so we try to be kind and considerate to each other while being accountable. We’re both thankful for the experience and looking forward to our future together.

What did I learn from going through the Master Key Experience? I learned That I have a lot to learn but this is a great start to the journey. I learned the value of Self-mastery over the expectation that some guru holds all the secrets. Some of the value tidbits to whet your appetite

Being the observer

Avoiding Rejecting negativity

Knowing my primary purpose

Focusing on what’s important

Doing my best


Funny things I learned about Mark Januszewski

I identify with Mark J more than I thought I would…which is part of his approach.

He’s a very bright guy while also an “everyman”. He teaches common sense from the perspective of someone with extensive education and experience.

He and I both were fortunate enough to have the existential, life-defining experience of being single dads bringing up children. Nothing is ever the same afterward.

We both love the Pittsburgh Steelers (or did I remember this wrong?)

We both love to apply a little bit of the needle now and then.

We both  were blessed to sell  photocopiers – Mark in the 1970s and me in the 1980s. It seems we had similar teachers from the stories he tells.


Love the teachers

Gurus love wisdom but they teach it like they’re the first one to think of these things. In truth there have been many teachers, philosophers and sages through they years who imparted these wise thoughts. Just goes to show you that gurus aren’t always the font of all wisdom. Mark has brought us Emerson, Emmet Fox, Haanel, John Wooden, Og Mandino among others. Pretty good faculty if you ask me.


A big Mahalo!

My heartfelt thanks goes to Mark J, T.F. Davene, Trish, Derek, Heather, Andrea, Dayna, my guide Justin Leader  and your staff for pushing, pulling, cajoling and guiding me through this experience. It was fun, difficult, joyful, demanding, energizing and exhausting at various times. I would certainly do it again and fully expect to. There’s no way I can truly express my gratitude other to say, Mahalo! I have come a long way and also realize I have much to learn.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.


Week 19 – Appearances are Deceptive

Are appearances really deceptive? Aren’t appearances in the eye of the beholder? If you think about it our perspective can be fairly limited. Isn’t that why “man” thought the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth? Turns out we were wrong, Huh? What else could we be wrong about?


Don’t we use the same limited perspective in our daily lives. We have mountains where there used to be bodies of water and rivers that change course even though we think of all these things as being solid, long-established landmarks. Throughout time cities and civilizations disappear, earthquakes, floods tornadoes, etc… change our landscape. Maybe they’re not as permanent as we assume.

What would happen if we open up our horizons and consider the hugeness, the grandeur, and state of flux of our surroundings, of our world,  our galaxy, our universe? Would we still behave the same?

When I think of the first time I recall someone asking me what I want in life I just remember saying “More!” I wasn’t sure what I wanted at all. I just knew I wanted more. Like most of us I was convinced happiness would coming from having more – more money, more free time, more possessions, more vacations, more friends, more cars, etc… I don’t know where I learned that but I don’t think I was alone.  Obviously “more” isn’t the key to happiness but even if it were, once we get the “more” we thought would make us happy, then we move the goal posts. All the while chasing even more and then more than that. How’s that working out? Hmmm…

It’s taken me a while but I’ve decided to look inside in my search for happiness. It turns out it’s been there all along and it’s full of gratitude, thankfulness, strength, kindness, imagination, love, power and harmony. An..oh yeah, everything else is temporary, deceptive, disappointing and elusive.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy

Week 16 – Kindnesses in Kind

It’s Kindness week!


Shouldn’t every week be kindness week? That’s how a young lady working in the drive through window at Tim Horton’s responded after I told her it’s Kindness week. I laughed but she was right of course. Every week SHOULD be Kindness week so why isn’t it? Every day we’re surrounded by family, friends, co-workers and others we see on a regular basis. Is a little kindness too much to ask? Seems like we have plenty of opportunities. Even if we miss most of them we could still perform some act of kindness several times a day.

I consider myself a pretty considerate, patient and kind person but I wondered what people would say if I asked. I thought about that a while and decided not to ask. People are to kind to say no, right? Instead I decided to ramp up my observer mode and watch their reactions as I made special efforts to be helpful and kind. What a hoot! I think I actually surprised some people like store clerks and those in the drive-thru who got free food courtesy of my gift card. Others like my youngest daughters took it more in stride. They liked when daddy made their bed every day.

It all worked so well I wonder why we don’t do this all the time? I don’t recall one negative reaction. Usually people were a little surprised and always pleased that another human being took a couple seconds to be kind for no particular reason. I admit I enjoyed it too. It’s really fun and more than a little heartwarming to brightening someone else’s day.


Is it really so difficult? No. Physically demanding? No. Emotionally dangerous? No.  It just requires us to give up our naval-gazing a bit, to change our focus from ourselves to those around us. Once we look up and notice the world around us things get pretty amazing. There are people in the other cars stuck in traffic. I wonder what would happen if I let one of them change lanes in front of me…The sunset still looks amazing from my car. And we had a great talk about that on the way home from school. In fact sneaking in a little more daddy time is a kindness for me. Who says I shouldn’t be kind to myself? In fact that’s a key part of the recipe. Be kind to yourself!

Wow, this kindness stuff is pretty good mojo. Already in this post I’ve said I laughed, What a hoot!, I enjoyed it, It’s really fun, and …things get pretty amazing. It feels good and I’m sure it’s good for my blood pressure.

Why don’t I just keep doing it after Kindness week? Shouldn’t every week be kindness week?