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Week 17 – Permission You Say?


Here’s an idea! Let’s allow ourselves the benefit of our hard work and effort. Let’s stop sabatoging ourselves.

Did you ever wonder why some seem to take the same actions, say the same things, read the same books as others’ and then watch them turn it into a success while some “spin their wheels”?

Psychologically we need to give ourselves permission to succeed, whatever that means to that person. It’s OK to be more successful than your siblings, your parents or someone you look up to. It’s even OK to achieve more than you even planned or expected. It’s OK to give yourself permission. Your creator already has.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying everyone has to be a billionaire or an astronaut to be a success. Each individual’s definition of success is up to them and that’s exactly the point. Whether their desire is improved relationships, family, acknowledgement, service to others, financial rewards or something else the definition of success is up to each of us.

Somehow some of us sabotage ourselves, can’t get over the hump, and always seem on the brink of our own success. Crazy? Maybe not. Maybe all we have to do it allow ourselves the success that we’ve hesitated to achieve and then claim it. If others seem to access it and achieve it what’s stopping us? Usually the biggest obstacle is ourselves and we know it, don’t we?

I think many of us know what’s happening on some level. I know I’ve heard people say, “If I could just get out of my own way” Or “I can’t seem to put it together”. Just when they’re on the verge of the happiness and success they dream of, somehow they blow it; somehow something doesn’t quite go right.

At points in the past I’ve been one of these people. Not anymore! I have permission – from my creator and myself. I claim it. You claim yours!

I’m not saying it’s easy. If it were, everyone would do it. I’m saying it’s worth doing. What we focus on grows. If we focus on our failures, what we lack or how the pretty girl doesn’t like us, that’s what will grow. Focus on successes, gratitude for all the abundance we’re blessed with and all who love us.

Give yourself permission. Claim it. Focus.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.


Week 13 – Love and Focus

I notice real change in how I deal with people. It’s mostly pretty fun but I’m nowhere near where I want to be. Even so it’s fun to be the observer most of the time. My awareness of my own thoughts and actions has really increased dramatically and I’ve gained a focus that will continue on after this class is over with.

The mindfulness of reserving my opinions, minimizing negative thoughts and emotions and loving all humanity has significantly changed how I interact with people. I’ve even noticed how some people close to me get a little emotional when I talk of love and legacy. In the past those things were understood between us and demonstrated in actions but rarely spoken of. Others have gotten uncomfortable as I talk of making life changing decisions based on my pivotal primary needs and my definite major purpose. It’s slightly amusing but also serious stuff and I’ve come to realize I need to help them understand. That’s really where the legacy starts.

I admit I’m still trying to love all humanity. (Horrible things in the world sometimes make that a difficult concept.) And keeping my opinions to myself all the time has been a daunting challenge. I’ve made great strides here and continue to improve. I’ve been blessed with people in my life who make this challenge complete. Limiting/eliminating negative thoughts has been a great source of progress especially when factoring in the seven second rule. Substituting another thought about God, love or something uplifting has been a big help. Sometimes we aren’t ready to receive some things as blessings but even the New Testament instructs us to be thankful for EVERYTHING (Eph 5:20). I’m a pretty positive, grateful guy and have a knack for finding a silver lining but, everything? I may have to meditate a little longer on that.

It’s really amazing how far I’ve come in fourteen weeks. All the work is paying off and I’m thankful for all the fortuitous coincidences that brought me to the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I’m really comforted at how my thought life has changed which is where we build our lives. I’ve come full circle with this post as changing our thoughts changes our lives.

We’re half-way though the course and I can’t imagine it being over. My expectations are that this experience will continue to change my life and in turn the lives of those around me. The fuse is lit and I’m ready for blast-off. All the best of everything to all who read this.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.


Week 7 – My Seven Day Mental Diet – Complete With Re-Starts

Scale - Weight - Diet

Hmmmm…Seven Day Mental Diet. I knew this one would be a tall order when I first heard it. The idea comes from a booklet by the same name written by Emmet Fox. Here’s the idea in a nutshell, “For seven days I must not allow myself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought”.  The key term is “dwell” as situations, circumstances and Negative Nellies will bring many opportunities into our lives on a regular basis. When a negative thought presents itself, it must be turned out or substituted with another thought immediately.

Here’s a little chronology of my week. The timer started on Sunday, November 9, 2014 at around 6 pm. My Pittsburgh Steelers had just lost to the lowly New York Jets. I kept thinking how I don’t understand why the play “down” to their lesser opponents. That’s the second time this year they lost to a bad football team. Oops! That didn’t take long. Did I mention I have to re-start every time I fail my mental diet? My first re-start was before I even got home on Sunday evening. I soon got over my frustration and will be rooting for the Black-n-Gold again on Monday evening.

The diet, like all diets, really runs on the honor system. You can cheat but you still have to deal with The Guy in the Glass if you do…just like a regular diet. In reality there’s no lying to The Guy in the Glass(Mirror) on either kind of diet.

Closer to home those Negative Nellies, who, like Pigpen of Charlie Brown fame, travel with their cloud of negative debris ready to obscure my view of my future. My old pattern would be to respond in-kind, to defend my turf and explain to them how they were sadly misinformed, mistaken or just plain wrong.

Earlier in the week I responded according to my old blueprint and re-started several times. In fact I re-started several times on Monday and Tuesday respectively. A funny thing happened though. I started to become more aware when these circumstances were happening. Soon I was reacting a little slower, a little less viscerally. Things were slowing down a little. I was reacting in a more constructive way more and more. There were still re-starts on Wednesday and Thursday but they weren’t at every turn. I could see progress.

I was also starting to realize the wide range of negative thoughts and emotions we succumb to every day. Finding a way to deal with some of them has been tricky for me. It seems that I see the more obvious ones coming and handle them well. Others are still a work in progress!

I’m sure this was meant to be a learning experience…and it has been. But like all great learning it hasn’t been entirely painless. “Gotta Luv It!” my old high school football coach would say, and he was right then as now. I do Luv It! I see a definite increase in my awareness of what thought flies through my cranium at the speed of light. I’m also reacting well, not “dwelling” on the negative grenades others roll under my tent. Now I just stay clear and substitute another thought. I haven’t made it through seven days but will keep re-starting until I get it right. I’ll get there! NGU! (And No, those aren’t my feet in the photo. lol!)