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Week 1 (2015) – What a difference a year makes!!!

As I audit this year’s iteration of the MKE, it’s easier to be the observer. I recognize, all too well, the angst, uncertainty and frustration as I read the alliances. Remember, this too will pass. I also recognize the buds of inspiration and discovery as people mastermind together. It’s impressive to see and reinforces that it’s always there. That’s what will take over in time. We just have to let it flow…because it will.

Trust the system, trust your guide, trust yourself.

Peace2 100215

It’s that simple and that hard. Do your absolute best. Complete the tasks. Be persistent. Be present. Will everything go according to your heart’s desire? NO! Will you question thing? Yes! Let it go. Wash, rinse, repeat. Relax, it’s all good. You’re doing great already!

There will be times when you think, Hey that’s not right, I don’t remember that, I can’t do it. In reality you already know the answers. If you miss something, get on it. Get it done. Do it now! And yes you can! And your righteous indignation? Let it go! You deserve more than righteous indignation. You deserve the real prize!

It’s already in you. All power is from within. You got this!


Week 14 – Our Thoughts of Inspiration and October Sky

October Sky – I loved this movie and watched it with my eight and eleven year olds. I really wanted them to see an example of real inspiration, persistence and commitment. This true story is about a student in a West Virginia coal town during the 1950s. His teacher sparks his imagination with thoughts of rockets and winning a science competition. Of course he meets resistance at every turn from other students, his father and even his principal. It seems he and his team were the only ones not entirely convinced they were predestined for the coal mines. Little did others know of their determination. It was a real heroes’ journey ala Joseph Campbell. Several of the characters were at different points in their own hero’s journey and persevered nonetheless. The outcomes were inspiring – especially since it’s a true story. It’s not a “perfect” story where everyone lives happily ever after as no one is exempt from the trials and tribulations of life. But it is an inspiring story of vision, determination and perseverance – all brought about by a thought.

It also demonstrated to me again that thoughts come first. Our ideas create our reality. Everything  begins with a thought and always has. From the Empire State Building to the great wall of China, each started with a thought, with a concept. Even third grade math is a concept that needs to be mastered and the connecting thread is our thoughts.

Recently I had a talk with my eight year old about how our thoughts can help us or hurt us. She was convinced at the ripe old age of eight that she’s just no good at math. The conversation was nothing revolutionary – just a father helping his daughter over a rough patch. I explained that if she thinks she’s bad at math, she will be and if she thinks she doesn’t have friends, she won’t have any. It was an “aha” moment for her and it helped me too. There’s nothing like the way an eight year old looks at dad when they realize he’s their biggest supporter. Then the coaching and practice began. She won’t always be eight but I don’t think either of us will forget that for a while.  I can’t wait to watch her hero’s journey. It’s going to be special.

It’s heartening to see the difference in her confidence as she’s realized she can be as good as she wants to be. It’s reinforces a really important lesson for me too. I too can be as good as I want to be…and I want to be great!

I’m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

Week 11 – My persistence gets an upgrade.


I’ve always said I’m nothing if not persistent and it’s true but… recently I’ve realized there’s a difference between persistence and not giving up. It’s the simple idea that hits us right between the eyes. Sometimes when we refuse to give up we’re still just waiting for something to happen, for conditions to be “just right”, for that big break or quantum leap. We figure that if we just hang in there…our ship will come in. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

When confronted with this difference I had to wonder, is that what  I’ve been  doing? I really had to percolate on this a little. The answer(s) aren’t horrible but they also aren’t the “hero’s journey” I hoped they would be. I realized that I have persisted and stayed the course in the past and that’s a good thing. I have many successes and memories as a result. On the other hand my persistence hasn’t always been focused, consistent and the effort lacked the urgency of a drowning man. When those ingredients were present the successes and blessings were there too. All-in-all the news is good. I know how to do it and now I recognize what to do. The truth is if I’m going to get the most out of my God-given talents I must persist with focus and purpose. For those familiar with the parable of the talents in the New Testament you know this is a responsibility.

In The Greatest Salesman in the World (by Og Mandino) there’s a sentence repeated over and over in scroll 3, “I persist until I succeed.” It sounds simple, don’t give up, right? That’s what I used to think and it’s partially true but there’s more. It’s also about the consistent effort with a real purpose, a sense of urgency, a burning desire if you will. We can all think of times in life when we had that burning desire to win, be justified or achieve something against the odds and confidants who counseled us to accept our lot in life. That purpose is what provides the focus and drive to the effort. Once I figured out my primary drivers my purpose came back into focus. It hadn’t been far off but was scattered and lurking in the shadows. Now it’s plastered all over my home.

I’m on the cusp. I’m much better at being the observer and taking a bird’s eye view of what’s going on around me. That helps me persist when my old habits and time wasters break through. It’s also why I understand my classmates when they write of backsliding, missed assignments and confusion. I understand and identify with the sentiments but won’t speak them or write them into my reality. I persist in being the observer and my gatekeeper is on guard against defeat. I persist until I succeed!