Week 12 – The Law of Relaxation. I’m all for it!

What is The Law of Relaxation? Sounds weird right?  So there it is; when we focus on our burning desire, strive for self improvement and put in the work…we also must relax. Yes – relax! It’s like saying don’t think of chocolate fudge. In the end that’s all you can think of. I think part of the issue is in my mental approach. Didn’t I just say, “must relax” as if it’s a demand? The truth is once we find the purpose, focus on it and do the work, it really brings about the relaxation because we’re on the way to where we really want to be. By changing my perspective the relaxation became much easier for me

The Law of Relaxation says: “Mental effort defeats itself – exactly the opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.”

This has been one of the most difficult ideas for me – not difficult to comprehend but difficult to implement. I feel like this is one of the really key Jedi mind tricks we need to understand, practice and perfect. The thing is my successes in life have been the result of a maximum effort kind of approach, putting in extra hours, going to night school and single parenting for example. Even Scroll III in The Greatest Salesman in the World(Og Mandini) repeats over and over, “I persist until I succeed.”

I can tell when it’s working. There are certain exercises when I really let go and feel it. In those times I get so relaxed and can feel like I’m already where I want to be. One of those cases is when I read my Press Release. That’s a real home run as far as I’m concerned. Some may not see it but when I read it I can feel it right through to my bones. Another case is closely related. It’s the exercise where we meditate on meeting our future self and gradually get to know them until we become friends.

I see glimpses, no flashes, of what’s within and I’m pleasantly taken aback that it really is relaxing. It’s like I’m trying to catch lightning in a bottle but someone has left me instructions, tools and people to help me along the way. I have full faith that I’ll get the hang of this. I’ve come too far, learned too much and seen the possibilities. This all reminds me of one of my favorite Emerson quotes.

The whole course of things goes to teach us faith. We need only obey. There is guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening we shall hear the right word…. Emerson

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4 thoughts on “Week 12 – The Law of Relaxation. I’m all for it!

  1. David Downey

    Thanks for sharing that part about reading your Press Release. That’s the area where I feel it the most, too!! I’m really living the dream when I totally get into it. That and the 50-minute mirror work last week. What a rush. It’s great to see that your persistence is paying off. Have a Merry Christmas! ~David

  2. Jeanne Doucette

    Dennis: I really liked this blog about relaxation. you explained it so well. it seemed counter-intuitive to me too, and I also was working hard to achieve. Your blog brought me clarity about this! thanks. Jeanne


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