Week 22 – Applying Knowledge


Knowledge does not apply itself. Wow! That one hits me right between the eye! Isn’t it the truth? Are you one of those people who seems to know lots of things about lots of things? An information junkie? Surprisingly well-read? How’s that working out for you? Yeah…me too. I’ve been one of those people – but not anymore. Don’t get me wrong, we need knowledge but it’s a question of what we do with it. It’s one of the characteristics I’m using in a different way now. I still love learning and a healthy thirst for knowledge is a good thing…no, a great thing! But…

It bears repeating; knowledge doesn’t apply itself. If increased knowledge was the answer to every problem all we would need to do is learn more. We all know highly educated people who are failures in life. In the book The Slight Edge Jeff Olson uses the example that if knowledge/ information were the cure, all we would only need to send a CD/DVD to an alcoholic and they would be cured.


This approach doesn’t decrease the value of knowledge. It’s just that knowledge isn’t enough by itself. We must act on what we know, experience it, make mistakes, fail. Learn, do, learn, do, rinse and repeat. By acting on what we learn we make our knowledge come to life. Once we put the information into motion the learning takes on a life of its own. Not only that but the learning becomes deeper and more meaningful to us…It’s a real shift in thinking for us perpetual students but it’s really freeing. It takes us outside our comfort zone where we learn by doing and do by learning. Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

This session of the Master Key Experience is coming to a close and this is one of the most important lessons I’ve re-learned. Think about it. How long are you going to read and study about what you would like to do? When is the time to get down to doing it? The answer is obvious. There’s no time like NOW! Stop reading this blog post, get off your duff and go do something you’ve been meaning to do! 😀

I haven’t met many people who wouldn’t benefit from this course. I may even take it again! And you should look into it too! It changes people and it has changed me.

I’m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

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