Week 3 – Add Patience… Then Add Some More

I’ve always considered myself a patient person but have been shown over and over I could be even more patient. I’ve had some great teachers. For example my children have taught me well. Every time I thought I was a patient, understand dad, they found a way to strain my last nerve or do something completely unexpected. That education continues and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m truly blessed to have four wonderful, healthy children and I’m grateful to have such great teachers and I’ve learned to enjoy the ride. They’ve also provided me with unlimited opportunities to “be the observer” and consider my responses. Sometimes the observer gets lots of work!

The Master Keys has also shown me I can be more patient, that faster isn’t always better and that I benefit by taking the time to focus and energize my readings. In The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino writes, “…I must practice the art of patience for nature never acts in haste.” And so I practice. I get the notion we never reach perfection in this area but I can certainly be better…a lot better. And so I am.

I noticed myself rushing through when reading Scroll 1 in TGSITW and then I came upon that sentence about practicing patience. I’ve read this chapter over seventy times before but this time it was like I could hear a car, breaks locked, screeching to a halt in my head. “Slow down, take it in and feel it.” the little voice said. And so I did…and Wow, it was like I’m reading a new book all over! I’ve also slowed down reading my Definite Major Purpose and my Blueprint Builder. Boy am I feeling it now. I may need a roof top to shout from sometimes!

A wise man once said, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” and I’m in the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance to learn. And learn I have. It’s been busy and I’ve had to drop some of my valued time wasters to get the work done but I’m better for it. For the first few days I tried to squeeze it all in so I could get all my assignments done. That made me rush through things and hurt my focus. Lesson learned. One of many and more to come I’m sure. Thanks to Mark J., TF Davene and their staff for being benevolent dictators. It’s what I needed when I needed it. Mahalo!


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7 thoughts on “Week 3 – Add Patience… Then Add Some More

  1. Deirdre S Master Key

    Your blog really resonated with me, faster is not always better. Rushing through the BP and GS just to complete it and tick it off the list.Time to ditch the old blueprint and embrace new habits. Looking forward to your future blogs

  2. dianecoachingyes

    Patience I am finding is a Breath away…I notice I am usually more patient with others than myself. Slowing down IS key…thanks for pointing to that. and to paraphrase Og, as we get better at our new habits we are more likely to perform it – it is easier and easier to perform and enjoyable too. Appreciate your sharing. Thanks!

  3. UltimateVacationLifestyle

    Dennis – So true about patience! I have had very similar experience with reading too fast (or finding myself two pages later…and not remembering having read them!!) Thank you for pointing out the reference to that line – I have read it many times as well but never really connected it to my tendency (habit!? DIE Old Blue…die!!!) to speed read.

    #ICanBeAllIWillToBe !!

  4. kathyseys

    I, too, too have found myself reading too fast – got to get it done…got to go here or there…Life. Right? The MKMMA is teaching, no we are learning. We are rebuilding from the inside out. And what a glorious journey that is unfolding right from the inside out. There have been a few times this past week that I found myself taking a deep breath before making any comments, and that has seemed to help. Good Job.

  5. dennisa60

    Dennis—I’m feeling you on this post. Patience isn’t my strong suit either, so the universe provided me with 2 boys and a wife and My day job sometimes requires on occasion that I work with tiny objects that do not cooperate. From those 3 things, especially my boys, I have learned a great deal about myself, some of it not very flattering….I chalk it up to “its a chance to grow”. —-I look at this course and my constant inner prodding to just get it done as another challenge to slow down and live in the moment. I’ve started incorporating just sitting and observing my breath. Talk about something that requires patience! My thoughts and mind are like a wild horse being corralled and tamed for the first time!


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