Week 8 – Imagination Gone Wild!








Is it me or am I actually believing all the messages I’ve been pumping into my  brain for the last 8 weeks? I don’t want to say I’m surprised because that would mean I wasn’t convinced and that can’t be true…or can it?

First, a little background: There have been other times in my life when I thought I was confident, patient, understanding, happy and considerate. Every time I was shown to be lacking. There was still work to be done. I wasn’t as patient and understanding as I hoped when there was a crisis. Nor was I as calm and considerate as I expected to be under pressure.

I’ve never been a really creative guy in any artistic sort of way, never had wild dreams, heck I don’t even recall my dreams after I wake up. I can’t draw a straight line or a circle without assistance of some kind. So you can imagine my reaction when I saw the lecture notes and assignments for this week. They leaned even more heavily on the imagination than in previous weeks. In one exercise I’m to imagine a future final product and walk it backwards in time through assembly, design, concept, etc…I’m sensing a trend here. My guess is there’s more to come.

Recently I’ve noticed people reacting differently to me. Restaurant employees treat me like a long lost relative at our first meeting. Clients and customers are welcoming and cordial even when discussing a point of contention. Authority figures are patient and understanding (nuff said there!). Co-workers are generous and helpful. Is it… my imagination? Or is it because of my imagination?

Are all these people treating me differently or am I behaving differently? Is it my imagination? Or is it a product of my imagination? Could it be that reading in Scroll II where I promise to love all humanity or part 5 of my blueprint builder where I promise to seek honor in all transactions? Maybe it’s the shapes, colors, or audios? It could be in the Master Key explanation of the key role of imagination in our future. Everything begins with a thought, right? All of these things have probably been inching me down a better path for 2 months now. Whatever the reason I’m really enjoying it and that makes me buy in all the more. This is just the beginning. That’s not a guess or a hope. It’s a fact.

Somewhere along the line my imagination has started to work in ways I don’t ever recall before. I’m a believer. I’m all in, not just in word but in deed. There may be turbulence ahead but I imagine my future self making lemonade…

The journey continues.


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5 thoughts on “Week 8 – Imagination Gone Wild!

  1. mkmma4debbie

    It sounds like your week had the same effect on you as I noticed mine did on me. It is like a turning point. I am feeling more at peace with this adventure than I have in the previous seven weeks. It’s interesting how this process has shown us that we were not all that we thought ourselves to be. Looking forward to your future blogs!

  2. Deanna Becket

    I love your insight! I doubted a lot of this, but trusted and did it. Then one day, it started becoming a habit, and even fun! I look forward to it. Your subby is turning to the best….keep going!


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